Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wedding tips

If you have experience you'd like to share with others please feel free to submit an article either under a guest account or create your own to come share wedding information time and time again - whether it's a story about a paper wedding dress or a funny story about a fancy dress, all your stories are welcome!
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1: To Wear or Not To Wear - A White Wedding
As a little girl… or even now… I am sure that you have laid about dreaming of marrying Prince Charming, looking gorgeous in your wedding dress.

2: 4 Tips For Wedding Tuxedos
Making the decision to tie the know is a big step in every man’s life and one that he must be sure of. Once you ask your dream girl to marry you, there is plenty to decide on before the wedding day.

3: Wedding Veils
The wedding veil is probably the oldest wedding tradition that is performed during a wedding. Many people believed that wedding veils protected the bride from jealous spirits.

4: Personal Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are one of the best parts of a marriage ceremony. The bride and groom have the chance to express their love and commitment to the other person out loud.
5: Be a Princess in Your Wedding Shower
A wedding shower is an fun and exciting time for a bride-to-be. Wedding showers is a party with a purpose.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Abhishek Bachan And Aishwarya Rai

Abhishek Bachan And Aishwarya Rai got married on 20th April 2007, a quiet, private ceremony attended by close friends and family. The wedding was preceded by a tradtional Sangeet (music) celebration and a Mehendi(henna) ceremony.

By Hollywood standards, the ceremonies were successfully guarded from an anticipated media circus, dramatically punctuated by one bizarre incident in which a fledgling actress - claiming to be groom's secret lover - publicly slit her wrists in protest.

The Bollywood’s most wanted couple enjoyed their Honeymoon in Venice. But the wedding has left many others enjoy the knot. ‘Aishwarya Rai’- the name sure comes with a value and the value isn’t any small- it runs into crores. Rai’s entry into the Bachchan Family has made the Bachchan clan worth Rs 700 crore!

Thursday, November 12, 2009



This is the stage of wedding it is properly decorated for bride and groom for wedding reception here bride will come along with groom and sit here till the function of the wedding ends and then here many people will come to meet bride and groom and give them there blessing and gifts in gifts some gave flowers some gave home items which will be useful for them in the future in the wedding there many kind of people come from there raelitives some are rich some and from high class and some are from middle class but for bride and groom there are equal to them they enjoy the wedding in equal place and enjoy the party of wedding and chat with each other and most of them talk about on wedding couple dress and there make over and beauty of the couples in pakistani wedding there are very late night functions are organized and all the place decorate with flowers and chairs so the people realy enjoy the weeding


Now here the bride and groom come for wedding reception and there relatives sit along with them
to make a memorial picture with them as you can see that the groom are in a black dress simply but the bride with very cool and costly dress which is very well design by a professinal designer and the cost of a dress is about 30.000 t0 40.000 which is about 300$ to 500$ thats why the bride is looking very nice in it but as you can see it the relatives dress which just simply as they wear in home and outside because they cant afford it as they want bride wear dress which the pakistani calls lehnga and the dress which the relatives wear is call salwar kameez


The bride and groom taking blessing of the mother because it is very important in there marrige life the mother is praying that the groom always take care of it and never harm it always with him in happy and sorrow and fullfil her all needs and demands and forgive her when she makes any mistake mother crys and kiss the bride and grooms forehead and give some rupees to them in there hand and also groom says to take all blessing of her mother in law and promise to take good care of her daughter in future and groom expact that her daughter will give good knowlege of ther future kids and be as happy wife and make his home like heaven


This is one of the famous model Amna HAQ giving pose in bridel look amna haq wear bridal dress with salma sitara on it which is giving very good imperssion on her beauty and she is looking very beautyful in it and caring dupatta on it and colour of her dress most use in all wedding which brides are like most to wear in her wedding because this dress is very comfortable as it is costly but with this dress the wedding cant happen because in this dress there much work of salma sitra but bride only wear it once a time just to attend only one day function


This Bride Looks very pretty with make over but specially her eyes is very nice because very hard working on her face by proffesinal make overs and her eyes are attracting too much and she wear a neckles in her neck which gave her more beauty which she wants the most of the make over specialist work most on eyes of the bride because it gave her a good look and good smile which is very important in the wedding most of people care about that the make over must be simple and attractive because bride is one of a piece like a diamond which is kept on a wedding function and most of people come to see only and only bride

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is a model name shahnaz which is doing modeling of a wedding dress and shows colour scheme of bridal dress
in pakistani wedding most the brides wear this colour because in these colour you can manage all the designs and all the jewelry which you will wear and all of this will be sute on bride this colour has a touch of a rose which shows bride like a rose so thats why most of the bride like to wear it and every body likes rose in world and it gives as a good sign and bride feel comfortable in it and so the groom also most like this rose colour and wish her bride to wear it on her wedding function so the groom also manage some dress with like black colour dress with her match him with her


The indian bride look just like a pakistani bride because of dressing but her make over is so simple which is putting the diffrence in it but the dress and colour scheme is same as you can see it that rose colour but this indian bride not do any much effort on her make over which very important on weddind and she only wears a neckles in her neck may be his groom like simple beauty so that her bride not work much on her just wear a rose dress and some jewelry